I was honored when Kenna asked me to write a bit about her, but I was overwhelmed at the thought of finding the words to justly embody such a compassionate, talented and grounded human. There is no doubt in my mind that she is one of my soulmates in this lifetime, and I am so excited to celebrate the way she lives her life out loud.

Kenna is navigating life in Nashville, TN, while telling stories of our common humanness through her music. She creates an organic balance of indie, pop and americana. Grounding in the intersection of these genres, her authentic lyrics serve as a transparent barrier to her soul, exposing the themes of love, release and growth that unite each and every soul on this planet.

My dear friend is wildly talented, and she began fulfilling her purpose at the age of 12 when she first picked up a guitar. It was then that she discovered a melody that matched her experiences, shaping her into an honest and introspective songwriter. She attended Berklee College of Music and moved to Nashville shortly after graduating. Being the master creator she is, Kenna quickly went to work crafting the life of her dreams in Music City.

Her lyrics serve as a mirror, leaving listeners smiling at their honest truth, stripped of the fluff and the bullshit. Tapping into her vulnerability, Kenna created a new sound for herself in late 2017. In early 2018, recording with producer and co-writer, Jared Anderson, she began to create a record that would put the human experience at center stage. It is set to drop in December 2018.

Kenna, words cannot describe how eternally grateful I am to have crossed your path. Our friendship is a testament to the strange ways in which the universe works. Thank you for shining your light and being a constant reminder that we are all exactly where we need to be. Please never stop. The world needs to see that we are all one in the same, and that is a truth your music presents. We need your gift.