floodgates exclusive premiere

“‘Floodgates’ opens with the sound of a gentle storm that leads into a delightful blend of simple indie pop and Americana. Following in the footsteps of Kenna’s previous releases, “Floodgates” has a down to earth aspect that allows Kenna to meet you on your level and to speak from the heart.

Although gentle, Kenna’s vocals are powerful and confident. As her voice blends with synths and upbeat percussion, “Floodgates” leans into the idea of living life with an open heart and leading with intention. After all, meeting the present with curiosity and joy rather than dwelling on the past is a sure fire way to create the life that you’d like to live. “

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haunt’d exclusive premiere

“Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kenna combines a little bit of pop, a little bit of Americana, and a little bit of folk into one striking sound.

Today Kenna premieres her new single “Haunt’d” exclusively with Musical Notes Global. A synthy guitar-driven track featuring a driving bass and compellng kick drum, the song reminds us that there are no rules in life and not everything is black and white—there’s a lot of grey, and there is beauty in that. Life may never make sense, but it’s totally okay.”

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Hauntd Album Art 1400.png


Known for blending different styles – how do you get them to balance together?

Great question! I honestly can’t think about it too much. I have to keep my mind out of it and lead with my heart. Best way I can balance it is by meshing together little pieces of what feels good. Intuitively creating this hybrid genre has come out of a genuine love for so many types of music. When creating the sound for haunt’d, we pulled influence from different artists I love and respect and listen to on a daily basis. From there, something really unique came out. It was a sound that I wasn’t really expecting, and nothing I had heard from myself before. It felt so right and really cool! So I took it and ran with it.

Does the new single mean we can expect new material – how’s that coming along?

It absolutely means you can expect new material! I’m sitting on 6 song babies, they’re patiently waiting to be released into the world! It has been such a fun and challenging process. I’ve grown so much as an artist throughout it, and really feel like I’ve finally found an authentic sound that I’ve been trying to get at for years. It feels good because this piece of art truly feels like “me”.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

In The Grey EP. December 7. Get ready!

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