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“…a down to earth aspect that allows Kenna to meet you on your level and to speak from the heart. Although gentle, Kenna’s vocals are powerful and confident.” - Out From the Pine Box

Kenna is singer/songwriter navigating life in Nashville, TN, while telling stories of our common humanness through her music. She creates an organic balance of indie, pop and americana. Grounding in the intersection of these genres, her authentic lyrics serve as a transparent barrier to her soul, exposing the themes of love, release and growth that unite each and every soul on this planet. Her EP dropped on December 7, 2018. For fans of Maggie Rogers, MUNA, HAIM, Mat Kearney and Lauv. Kenna will be touring the midwest, east coast, and the south throughout this year. 

Location: Nashville, TN





Venues: The Back Corner, Live on Today in Nashville, Douglas Corner, The Cobra, True Music Room and Bar (Nashville), Cafe 939, Berklee Performance Center, Club Passim Summer Series, The Lilypad (Boston), Blue Mountain Brewery, Flytrap Brewery, The Whiskey (VA, NC)

Future Tour Schedule:

March 15 - Columbus, OH

March 16 - Chicago, IL

April 27 - Atlanta, GA

June 19 - Chattanooga, TN

June 20 - Asheville, NC

June 21 - Afton, VA

June 22 - Richmond, VA

June 23 - Baltimore, MD

August 10 - Tomato Arts Festival, East Nashville, TN

Past Tour Schedule Includes- Chattanooga, TN, Afton, VA, Durham, NC, Wilmington, NC, Tupelo, MS.